Starting My Blog (#1)

I did it! I started my blog!!! This has been a long time coming. Not that I actually ever physically did anything to start it before it was more of a “think about it, think about it, let’s do it, no let’s think about it some more.”

So I finally pulled the plug and went about setting up a website. Now what do I do? Now I actually have to work on it. Needless to say I’m hoping this will keep me accountable for putting my ideas down both in my blog and personal life.

I tend to be a creative person whether it be drawing, painting, photography, photo manipulation, crafts, woodworking, story writing, etc. But the problem I am constantly having is motivation and time to contribute to all avenues.

I have a ton of ideas, just look at my notes app on my phone and you will see a million that I never started. But to find time between my responsibilities and spending time with my family (which is my favorite thing to do) it is difficult to schedule time to complete those ideas.

By having this website keep me accountable I am hoping to make time for more of my art and finish old projects that I started. I am not 100% sure where this website will end up but the plan is to blog about my art, the techniques I use on my various projects, possible tutorials, and some personal experiences I have along the way. I also hope to one day add a page where interested people can purchase some of my art and art prints.

I would like to take this new journey together and see where we end up!! Contribute to the conversation below in the comments section and let me know your thoughts and what you might like to see on here!! I’ll see you here next time 🙂


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