Rocky Mountain National Park (#2)

So I went to the Rocky Mountain National Park yesterday! ….well that was the plan at least.

My fiancé and I ended up driving to the entrance of the park and stopping at the information center to use the restroom. We saw some elk there and our trip as we knew it had changed.

I have to admit, it was snowing pretty hard and we were kind of bummed about paying to get into a park that we might leave within an hour. So when we stopped to watch these elk and deer for a long time, we weren’t that upset about it.

Watching wildlife is just amazing to me. Like here are these creatures that eat and sleep like us, or even more relatable like our dogs, and they are just out in the wild living their lives!? These deer that we were watching were just eating grass and lying next to the trees. If they wanted to run down the hill they did and if they wanted to stay right where they were they did. No rules, no expectations. But that’s a rant for another day.

Eventually, other people saw this herd of deer/elk and tried to get as close as possible as fast as they could which scared most of the deer away. And we were ready to give the deer their peace back instead of cocking one ear toward us at all moments, so we left.

We decided to head down the road to get a bite to eat and see some shops. Ended up spending more money than we planned on, oops! But we had a great time in a pizza shop (Bob and Tony’s) with some pool tables, arcade games (pac-man anyone?), and names with dates written all over the walls.

We also got to go in a neat little bookstore (Macdonald bookshop) which had very friendly staff and an excellent selection of books. They are about to celebrate independent bookstore day and have some authors there but unfortunately we won’t have time to make it back. We would’ve loved to spend more time in that store! When talking with the ladies working we learned that one lived in Alaska for 5 years while at school and the other used to seasonally work in Alaska! So cool! That may be an adventure for us in the future! All the staff we ran into on our trip were very friendly!


In all it was a fantastic trip and it reminded me just how much I love nature! I could not stop gawking at the snow covered pine trees on the mountains after the sky finally cleared, so beautiful! It was also a great day spent with my love who I apparently can never get enough of and would never want to!

We are starting our 12 day road trip, from Colorado to Pennsylvania, on Sunday. We plan to head up to Montana, over to Washington, down into California, and then head east to the coast until finally arriving back home in good ol’ PA! We hope to mostly stay and spend time in National Parks if the weather allows us to but if I have service I hope to keep you updated with more blogs throughout our trip!

To see even more about our trip check out my Instagram pages. My personal one which will have more trip pictures: or my art Instagram which will have a few photography pictures and more art postings:

I’ll see you here next time!


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